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Working Online - Internet Email

1) Open Internet Explorer (or other browser) and go to (suggest you click here the first time and then bookmark it for the future).

2) Click "Yes" if you get this security alert (it is safe !!!)

3) You will have to then log on to the mail server in the box which should look something like this :


4) Enter (all in lowercase) your email address and password (initially set to be "maliphant1" - please only go in to your own !), and click OK button.
On the next screen you see there's a chance to change your password - PLEASE DO THAT NOW and set it to one only you know and can remember!!

5) All things being equal, you will then be presented with a screen which looks like this :


6) You can now select one of the 3 different email readers or one of five options shown just below the Mail icons.
I've tried all the readers but will only describe the RoundCube product here (cos the name is good!) - try the others if you want, just click on the name.

7) A click on the option "Change Password" will bring up this screen:

Enter your new password and repeat it where instructed, then press the "Change" button.
Or press the words "Go Back " to get out without changing anything.
If you ever forget your password, get in touch with me and I can reset it from here.

8) A click on the option "Forwarding Options" will bring up this screen:

This is where the sending to your current email address is controlled.
If you want a separate copy sent to another email address, press the "Add Forwarder" button and follow the instructions.
Just above there you will see the address(es) where copies are currently sent - any of which you could delete by pressing the "Delete" word just after the email address.
Use the "Back" button of your browser to return to the previous screen.

9) A click on the option "Autoresponder Options" will bring up this screen:

When used, this will automatically send a message back to the sender when an email arrives - e.g. an "out of office" notice.
Click the "Add Autoresponder" button and fill in as appropriate.
Or press the words "Go Back" to get out without changing anything.

10) The option "Configure Mail Client" gives you the values needed for setting up an Outlook or Outlook Express account - more on this in a separate email in the future (maybe!).

11) The fifth and final option is to "Email Filtering" should you want to get in to such advanced stuff, go and have a look!

12) RoundCube Email Reader. You will be presented with a screen like this :

It always starts by showing you the Inbox.
You can change what you want to look at by clicking on the folder name in the panel on the left of the screen.
New Folders can be created using the "Personal Settings" button towards the top right of the screen.
To read an Email, double-click anywhere on the line in the right hand panel.
Across the top there is a mini toolbar - hover your mouse over them to see the descriptions of what they do.
Don't forget to logout and close your browser window when finished - especially if you're on a public computer !!

============================ End of instructions for online email